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What To Expect - New Website Design Process

Essentials... You will need your own Domain Name – Your domain name should represent your website intent as much as possible. This will help with “branding” or name recognition. It should be brief and easy to remember. Example: yourcompanyname.com,  widgets.com or atlantawidgets.com . Consider several variations of domain names to target more customers. Now that you have a domain name you will need domain/website hosting. This is where your domain name will point to when someone types in http://yourdomain.com, where all of your website files are located and where you can manage your website, email accounts etc.. If you will be selling a product or service, you will need a reliable shopping cart  (customer checkout & to process payments). What to look for in a designer Do your research, view examples of active sites. Contact the site owners for references. Does the designer understand the needs of a small business? Will the designer provide updates and keep content up to date for you? Are prices clearly stated? How long does it take for the designer to respond to questions? Does the designer encourage your input? All of these elements are important to the success of your website. Purpose for your website? The main/home page should state the site's intent and purpose. A visitor should know within seconds what it is and how to find what they want. This page should load quickly and present a clear navigation for your site. What functions or elements do you require? A site which is used as a virtual brochure has fewer requirements for design than an e-commerce site. E-Commerce sites will need a shopping cart system and a payment solution. Make a list of all the things you want your site to provide for your visitors. It’s important to do this before any work gets started. Your input is crucial to ensure the site truly reflects your business. Your Budget... Know your designers rates and fees. (Ours are stated here). Rates can be anywhere from packages that often include elements you may not need to hourly fees. Design Process...   You will be asked about logo, color, theme and specific preferences you may have. You will also need to outline the categories/departments & content that will be needed. This is what dictates the site navigation and layout. You will need product/service/topic information. Have on hand information/text and high quality images. Images will be optimized by the designer for best results. Two Pooches will help you select services that will be the most cost effective and suitable for your needs. 
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A bad or unreliable shopping cart will discourage your customers. It is to easy to buy elsewhere.
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